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May 3:And another one (been a long day) for #gotothelight from @sophieverdespan #screenprint
May 3:#gotothelight prints continue today with this one from @hungryghostpress. Get your butt out to @blan ...
May 2:Commissioned prints on 12x24 birch panel for a fellow cycle enthusiast #screenprint #bikes
May 1:The setup for @johnrainis & @jakerainis #gotothelight piece #screenprint
Apr 30:Working on @mariimals #gotothelight piece. 2c 18x32 #screenprint on transparent acrylic panel, shown ...
Apr 29:Full bleed hand cut business cards for a fellow craft person #screenprint
Apr 27:100 4c 11x17s, message approved #screenprint
Apr 26:Black glow in the dark ink. Because why not? #screenprint
Apr 25:#cmyk #blacklight prints made with all fluorescent inks for the upcoming Go to the Light show at Bla ...

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